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I was at your store at the Holyoke Mall and purchased two 5\" straw hats. They were in a bin that was marked 16\" with a different sku# and priced at $3.98. I thought that the price was rather high as the 3\" hats were only .69. When I checked out I was charged $3.98 and questioned the clerk and was told that was the price. I then spoke with a manager explaining the situation and we did find the 16\" hats in a different location and the sku# on those hats were the same as on the 5\" ones. She told me because it rang that way that there was nothing she could do. I find that hard to believe as it was very apparent that there was an error in the pricing. She didn\'t even attempt to try and rectify it. I think she needs a refresher course in customer relations and needless to say I will no longer shopping at your store.


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