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Call 1–800–887–1198 for Gap Credit Card
1–866–450–4467 for Gap Visa Card.

Call 1–800–234–7455 for Banana Republic Credit Card
1–866–450–2330 for Banana Republic Visa Card.

Call 1–877–222–6868 for Old Navy Credit Card
1–866–450–5294 for Old Navy Visa Card.

Gap Credit Card, Gap Visa Card, Banana Republic Credit Card, Banana Republic Visa Card, Old Navy Credit Card and Old Navy Visa Card Accounts are provided by GE Money Bank.

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I don\'t believe I received my last statement in the mail... can I pay it at the store?

leigh ann pierre-pierre


I only used my gap card one time, I paid the balance in full; you told me my payment was received one day late (although it was postmarked before the due date) and then you sent me a bill with a service fee (late fee) of: $20.00. I will never use my card again (or shop at gap) I have closed my account!



when I opened my gap card account, I never received my card. I paid my bill but I never received a card, so therefore I cannot redeem my points. Help please.
Thanks, Karen

karen d

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