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Thank you for taking the time to browse through the Entertainment Earth Action Figures, Gifts and Collectibles website. We've come a long way since the launch of our original e-commerce website in 1996 thanks to your continued business. Our goal has always been to provide you with the best possible client experience, unique products, and ground-breaking industry leading innovations.
The reputation that we've built over the years is vital to our success. If you care about our Mint Condition Guarantee, Risk Free Shopping, Hassle Free 90-Day Returns, pre-ordering products months before release, top-notch client service, wide selection and availability, along with many other reasons, we know you'll have a fantastic experience with us. Our reputation with our clients speak for volumes. Read client testimonials, or check out our third-party BizRate.com ratings - with over 10,000 client comments.
Aaron Labowitz with Mini MeBack in 1995, three of us started Entertainment Earth out of a small office and garage in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles. We were interested in popular brands such as Star Wars and Star Trek and collected toys, costumes, movie props and a little of everything else from those properties.
Eventually, we noticed how difficult it was to maintain our collections. Taking off from work or spending a weekend running around to multiple retailers on "The Hunt" trying to find rare toys and collectibles became difficult. Not only did we have personal time constraints, but also the stores we shopped at rarely had what we wanted. Sure they had tons of common action figures, but didn't seem to have any rare figures. We did get lucky from time to time, but often had to settle for items in not-mint condition (with damaged packaging). What a waste of a morning or afternoon! Buying these items from third party dealers never really appealed to us either because of their higher prices. We never thought that the toys we wanted to buy should cost more than what a traditional specialty retailer would charge.
Jason Labowitz training YodaWe admit to being selfish when we started this business. We wanted to find a simple way to personally buy all of the new action figures and toys at reasonable prices without wasting our time. Our solution was right in front of us - and it was similar to the big-box warehouse store model coupled with the old-fashioned mail order business placed on a website. We decided to sell full cases of action figures - with both common and rare figures bundled together, directly how they were assorted from the manufacturer. Thankfully, we were not the only collectors who felt this was a good solution.
Combining our knowledge of collectibles with the endless possibilities of selling product on the Internet seemed to be a natural next step back in 1996. Long before blogs and podcasts, or toy manufacturers having their own interactive websites, we had been using and contributing to the Internet community in our area of expertise (we were founding voters of the first newsgroup solely dedicated to the discussion of collecting Star Wars merchandise - rec.arts.sf.starwars.collecting).
The results of our efforts are right here. Since 1996 we've shipped collectibles to hundreds of thousands of clients around the world. And we certainly sell a lot more than cases of action figures. We've expanded beyond the virtual walls of our website with sales through multiple channels such as our full-color catalog, conventions, partnerships, and stores throughout the world by way of our retail partner wholesale program, now spun off into a separate division called EE Distribution.
We want to continue to make Entertainment Earth your only source for action figures, toys and collectibles. Please write to us with your suggestions, comments and questions. Your input is vital to the continued success of our company.
Thank you, and enjoy Entertainment Earth.
* Aaron Labowitz, Co-Founder and CEO
* Jason Labowitz, Co-Founder and President
* Aaron Lipman, Chief Technology Officer
* Adam Lieber, Vice President, Operations
...and the entire Entertainment Earth team
About Entertainment Earth, Inc.
Based in Los Angeles, California, Entertainment Earth (entertainmentearth.com) is a leading worldwide multi-channel cataloger, retailer, and distributor of action figures, gifts, and collectibles. Founded online in 1996, Entertainment Earth offers over 5,000 licensed products and has pioneered best practices in the industry with innovations such as a Mint-Condition Guarantee, Risk Free Shopping, and Hassle Free 90-Day Returns.

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