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I have just returned from a 5 day stay at your Four points Sheraton in Gresham (PORTLAND) Oregon.(181st St) I stayed there last year and was struck by several troubling factors. The hotel is in a state of disrepair not repair as posted. Buildings materials are scattered about the facilities. Many amenities from last year were no longer there(safe in the room for example) But was most disturbing was the staff and their total lack of professionalism and courtesy. Only one person looked up or even greeted you at any time. Most times they scurried about avoiding you. Their professional dress code has gone out the door . On lunch breaks they changed shirts and went to help the construction crew and then back into their wrinkly, fades polos to finish their shift. We had a difficult situation that carried on for several days.Comments were made to a guest that suggested she was \"cussing\" when in fact she was no where near saying anything that could be taken as such. What happened to customer service? It unhappily overshadowed the week for our large party. When we asked for a late check out (even one room) we were told NO a large party was coming and the rooms needed to be cleaned. But the answer was very abrupt followed by the statement that there were already 10 such requests and no was the final curt answer. No offer to store luggage at the office or in a secure room until an evening departure occured. No offer of any service or courtesy call for a shuttle service. In fact customer service is totally lacking at this facility. It is not the sort of hotel one would associate with the four points Sheraton name and reputation. It bears looking into. There are more than 15 customers who have gone home with a poor opinion of how guests were treated here. Your reputation for service has gone astray here. Please have A LOOK FOR YOUR OWN SAKE.

unhappy guest

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