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There is a feedback sound on air only when the Viking and Detroit game is on. Really annoying. Please fix it.

nate boldt


I\'m a former long time Fox user who\'s just had a profile deleted after 5 years of use but received no explanation at all for this. I\'d like someone to give me some feedback as to what happened. Also, I\'ve tried in vain several times to complain about several reprehensible people who constantly post very serious attacks and hateful insults on Fox yet are never deleted. has become a community for many of us who\'ve become friends, yet there are 4 people in particular who seem impervious to any consequences from the moderators and they are allowed to continue with their hatred, insults, personal attacks and harassment. Why is it there is no way at all to contact any moderators or handle problems at all on These 4 characters are very well known as instigators and problem causers and routinely show up only to initiate friction with others. In turn, they drive away people who otherwise would be viewing the expensive ads on FoxSports.


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