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Farmville is the popular social game on Facebook. Farmville is made by Zynga.

Farmville Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
365 Vermont Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

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On 12-21-11 While playing Farmville some of my information was lost.I did not recieve my Amaranth boost license to plant, I also built a Feed Mill with farmville cash, but feed mill is not built. I
would like to plant and recieve my cash back. These events occured when your problem pop-up appeared on screen. I would appreaciate if these problems could be resolved today. Thank You,

Shirley Gooseberry


rosemarys email adress is @, or cell ise 6052615640 i need answers NOW on why my fv neighbor since january 25th is HAVING A TOUGH TIME GOING INTO THE ADDED NEIGHBOR LIST instead of the pending list. i have asked her four times, i am on google chrome all the time now for my recent game browser. i am sick of the game bullies.

rosemary duxbury


I AM DISGUSTED WITH FV SUPPORT, SINCE THIS PAST YEAR ON JANUARY 25TH, when my daughters boyfriends mother confirmed my request in asking her to be a fv neighbor of mine, IT CONSTANTLY GOES INTO THE PENDING LIST, SUPPORT SAYS TO DO THIS AND THAT, A NEIGHBOR THINKS MY ACCOUNT IS MESSED UP BAD AND SOMEONE MESSED IT UP THERE. this is a long going stupid messey account, i dont want to quit farmville, but i have dealt with game glitches, a cyberspace bully,his name is BOB graham who says i am tree poor cause i have all these water cans that need water cans to grow and i have seedling yet since the past few months now from today yet to be watered,i have seedling yet to be watered on my two farms, the home farm and on my english farm, I get messages from supprt with the same feedback, The team is working hard on this issue and support says to me in theyre gmail messages to me to be patient and tolerant, i HAVE BEEN MORE THAN TOLERANT. i have asked this same negihbor my daughters boyfriends mother four times, YES EXACTLY THE TRUTH four times, i have had to cancel the request and resend the invitaion and then to RE send her fv invite. I HAVE SENT IN TO support this neighbors IUD, from her profile.i have done what support told me to do for them to help me on this particular case or matter of my neighbor challenging and NEVER CONFIRMED issue since january 25th 2011. i have deleted the amount allowed for a persons fv account. this person name is lisa lorenzen lund. why should i have more than one account as support is saying back to me all the time in practically in every message to me. i AM ON MY DESKTOP COMPUTER ALL THE TIME ON MY TWO FARMS,I HAD MY INTERNET EXPLORE THAT I STARTED THE GAME WITH FOR MY BROWSER AND THE BROWSER WAS HACKED, AND NOW I USE THE GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO , CALL IN AND BITCH TO GET THIS SOLVED AND DONE RIGHT. GEEZ. I HAVE DONE WHAT I CAN TO GET THIS SAME ISSUE RESOLVED. BUT I CAN ONLY DO SO MUCH FOR MY NEIGHBOR. one thing i cannot figure out is why i see this same neighbors name in my game list of neighbors to ask for free gifts and she isnt listed in my game bar or in my fv neighbs list,i think this is nuts and strange.CANYOU PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS ?


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