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pls give me ur correct no. of india



I am interested in starting a profitable website for adults and only adults involving myself and my husband and no one else. If that is not something godaddy wants to be a part of could you direct me to a legitimate secure source that would be interested in teaching me to develop and manage such a website? I recently learned, from a friend of mine that his little brother ,Brandon Schwartz, is an employee of yours. Although it may be of little consequence to your company ; if he could be the one to help me it would inspire safety in me for a company that I really have no real information about...Thx much; mobile ph # : 602 206 8738 I would appreciate a prompt response to this request for as everyone knows the economy\'s not what it once was and people are looking for any way to supplement their current form, or lack there of, income. Thanks again for your attention: Signed the one and only Mr. and Mrs. James Harper-Shouse

James & Ericka Harper-Shouse

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