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Groupon is the internet coupon site for local deals. Once a certain amount of people purchase the Groupon, the deal is active.

Groupon Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
600 W Chicago Ave.
Suite 620
Chicago, IL 60654
1-312-676-5773 User Provided Phone Number

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I bought my first Groupon on June 16th for The Art Escape in Senoia, GA. for June 23, 2011. I bought 1 ticket but was charged for 4. I thought that might be the case because when i printed the ticket there were others there. I need for you to refund me the others as I did not order or use them. It would be 3 X 17.--$51.00. I used debit to pay for these. Melinda Atha 770-775-4839

Melinda Atha

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