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During its long history, IPL has safely supplied its customers with some of the lowest cost, most reliable power in the country.

Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL) Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
2102 N. Illinois Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202-1330

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I do not like the automated service that makes extentions and payment arrangements.

IPL is the only company that provides electricity to Indianapolis. We as customers have no other recourse or options to chose another service provider. We are in a recession with a high rate of unemployment and people are struggling to make ends meet.

An automated machine cannot take into account extenuationg circumstances or have compassion or give grace beyond what it is progammed to do.

IPL as a company making multi-millions of dollars from the people of Indianapolis, with such a monopoly on the market, and in our economy state, should have more lenient policies for us. We should be dealing with real people who can get special permission to give grace when the situation warrants it.

Sharon Douglas

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