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Jagex intends to become a significant online operator in all the major gaming markets worldwide, developing and commercialising highly compelling online games that appeal to as wide an audience as possible, based on cutting edge technologies developed in-house.

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account name Dragon-can2
My account has been put on a temporary ban. According to the information it should be a 12 day ban. however the date on the website is for a year. Can someone contact me with the exact information? I would like to appeal by appolgizing. as such, please accept my apologizes. I will not perform this offense again.

Further while reviewing my account I noticed activity from 2008 where offenses were made. I did not cause any of these offenses. During this time i was not even playing runescape. Can I get these offense removed? Also, since I did not do these, am I in risk of someone else accessing my account?

Anthony Cantu


jagex u guys can contact me at kimgale@comcast.net please i need answers to this. its about my main account on run escape



jagex dont piss me off please cuz i need to talk to one of u guys i dont care who someone from jagex that works with runescape. i have tried calling numbers and emails but its all fake crap.


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