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Jeep is the legendary US maker of 4x4 suvs, and trucks. Jeep is now part of the Chrysler Group.

JEEP USA Corporate Office Headquarters
1000 Chrysler Drive,
Auburn Hills, Michigan
Corporate Phone Number:1-800-247-9753

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Please bring back the Jeepster as a customized street version of the Jeep Wrangler, that gets GOOD MPG. Say 25 city 35 highway. Make it a 4 seater. Customize the current jeep wrangler body a bit, but keep it looking very much like a Jeep Wrangler. You would sell a bazillion. I would have owned a Jeep long long ago if it had good gas mileage. And would drive it on the street only. Which most do now in an off road Jeep. We \"Streetsters\" want the Jeep look, 4 seats, open air (convertible), very good mpg. Streetsters want Jeepsters! Do it and Jeep Corporate can say, Jeepsters! Streetsters! Look at all those Jeepsters! Put a modified Wrangler body on let\'s say a Subaru Impreza or Suzuki SX frame, and TADA!!!!! An all wheel drive Jeepster with much better gas mileage. Starting price $15,000 stripped down. Manual, no radio or ac. Design interior so raining on it doesn\'t matter. Rain drains out floor removable floor vents. Again, you will sell a bazillion. Please hurry.


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