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Deere & Company, founded in 1837 (collectively called John Deere), has grown from a one-man blacksmith shop into a corporation that today does business around the world and employs approximately 56,000 people. The company continues to be guided, as it has been since its beginning, by the core values exhibited by its founder: integrity, quality, commitment and innovation.

John Deere USA Corporate Office Headquarters
One John Deere Place
Moline, IL 61265
Corporate Phone Number: 1-309-765-8000

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I have 2 riding lawn mowers. A new high speed Z655 with a 54 inch deck and an older X485 with a 62 inch deck. The new high speed X655 rides so rough that I ended up at a chiropractor for my back. I thought about getting rid of it after just using it twice.
Why not put a good suspension system under all their riding mower seats, like what is under my older X485. The cost to them would be very little and would mean so much to the person who operates the mower. John Deere need to think a little more about the customer who has to ride the machine.

I ordered the suspension system that is under the John Deere X485 seat and mounted it under my new Z655 seat. It fit very well. The seat sets 2 inches higher now but that is not a problem. I am only 150 # and 5\'5\" tall but my feet still reach flat on the floor. What a difference in the ride. Best thing I ever did for my back. John Deere, Please consider improving the ride, on your mowers. Thank You Roger Moore

Roger Moore


I believe I have a LEMON garden tractor (2009 X300)I am extremely displeased that over $1,000.00 has been spent in repairs in less than two years and today a belt shredded and I can\'t mow. How do I get rid of this tractor and the bill that goes with it???

Janice Hite

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