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The Junonia? catalog and website are unique in their dedication to ?Inspiration for the active lives of women size 14 and up.? Focusing on the 40% or more of plus size American women who are looking for top-quality gear for workout, ski, swim, camping and more. Junonia is well-known for its high-tech fabrics, great fit and functional design that often just can?t be found anywhere else.
The basic mission of Junonia has continued from its beginning on 1995. That is to inspire the active lives of women to live life to the fullest. ?We are not just selling clothing, but a way to feel good about yourself,? says Kelly. ?Customers often tell us that finally finding a source for gym clothes or swimwear has made it possible for them to become active and really enjoy it!? ?As we grew customers kept saying, ?I love your activewear, can?t you give me more?? says President and Founder Anne Kelly. ?So now we offer casual styles with the same fun and flair of our active styles. And for Fall 2005 we have expanded even further into gifts for friends and family, soft and cuddly loungewear, and a great selection of underwear.?
seashell newgray.jpg The Name Junonia
Junonia is named for the beautiful, rare seashell that washes up on the beaches of Florida. The shell is named for the Roman goddess Juno, protector of the well-being of women. In the art world, Juno is depicted as a woman of majestic size and beauty. The modern word Junoesque is used to describe women of power and femininity.
The Junonia Image
Junonia uses real, plus-size models for photography and fit. ?The most frequent comment I get from customers is how delighted they are that we show the clothes on real women. They like the strong, confident attitude, and love seeing how the clothes will actually look on them,? says Kelly.

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