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Kenmore® is the number one company in the appliance industry.Kenmore Appliances are owned by Sears and sold in Sears Stores.

Kenmore USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address
3333 Beverly Road
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179
Corporate Phone Number:1-847-286-2500
Fax Number:1-847-286-8351

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In 2006 I purchased a Kenmore Elite Oasis HE Model # 110-27092602

Serial # CT4870895

It has continually broken down due to defective parts ever since we had it. Until this time Sears has always supplied the part for free and my husband has installed it. This time after calling various #\'s I was finally instructed to call Kenmmore 1-888-536-6673 they verified the Motherboard needs to be upgraded but insisted that I have to pay for a service call. First to have a technician come out and verify that the Motherboard is indeed bad and then to install it. Why should I have to pay to replace a defective part?

Defective Part


Dear Kenmore:
Two years ago we purchased one of your double stack washer and dryer combination, model number: 1104752602. The machine works perfectly well, but with the exception of the owners manual not including the codes listed when needing attention. The washing machine needed the pump needed the debris cleared, but because the manual didn’t give the code for the number listed, we were forced to call a repairman. He very simply removed the bottom cover and unscrew the pump cap and cleared it, which cost over $100. We then realized both the codes and the simplicity of unclogging the pump should have been in the manual, but wasn’t. The repairman said, the newer models have the pump located in the back and are much more difficult to clean. Even though Kenmore might be a good brand, but because you don’t include how to clean out its pump along with the code manual, we simply refuse to purchase any other Kenmore appliance for our home. That is simply inexcusable, and we will be sure to pass this information on to our friends and neighbors. We also understand the newer machines are even more difficult to work with.

Shame on the Kenmore designers and their lack of consideration!


Mr. & Mrs. Outraged

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