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KIA is the South Korea based manufacturer of cars and suv's. KIA America is based in California and cars are made both in the USA and in South Korea.

KIA USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address
111 Peters Canyon Road,
Irvine, CA 92606
Corporate Phone Number:1-949-468-4800
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Because I was receiving conflicting information from the KIA dealership etc regarding the break in period for my 2011 KIA sportage, I decided to phone your main customer service number (1-800-333-4542). The rep \"Kendra\" did\'nt have a clue as to what a \"break-in period\" is and insisted that I tell her what break in period I was talking about. That it was about my new KIA Sportage was enough. I tried to explain it is the service that is needed before the vehicle can be driven at higher speeds (rpm) and longer distances. She didn\'t get it. I don\'t specify a break in period and what is involved in the servicing...KIA does. Still haven\'t gottenan answer.
Just a sad PR bummer!
P.S. Your reps could use better training.

Franco Mancini

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