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Marriott Hotels is high-end hotel based in the USA. Marriott has hotel locations and resorts located world-wide.

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10400 Fernwood Road Bethesda, MD 20817 Corporate Phone Number: 1-301-380-3000
Fax Number: 1-301-380-3967
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Marriott Hotel Reservations: 1-888-236-2427

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I booked my reservation in Sept 2011 for July 2012. I requested a small refrigerator and was confirmed. Feb.2012 called again to make sure because I have medication that has to stay cold. Upon arrival no refrigerator so the hotel stored in hotel breakroom fridge. Stayed four days and each day was told I would get one. Never did and really didn\'t feel comfortable about storage because of open container. Another issue was my car was vandalized (Broken window & Radio stolen) parked about ten feet from main entry. Securty never seen a thing. Yea corporate will be hearing from me. This was at Marriott Hotel in Detroit, Mich.(Southfield)



I am so angry right now I am in tears. I made a reservation. I made it with the intention of coming for the parade and asked over and over and and was told over and over and over that it was a room with a view of the parade. I am doing this because the person I am bringing has a disability and cannot walk or stand for any length of time. Today I got an e-mail about the hotel and how busy its going to be and so on, also if I wanted to make food reservations, so I called. In speaking with the staff I was told that the room I had reserved is not a room with a view of the parade. THIS IS NOT WHAT I WAS TOLD when making the reservation. I ASKED OVER AND OVER I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT AND WAS TOLD BY THE LADY WHO TOOK THE RESERVATION THAT THIS INDEED WAS A ROOM WITH THE VIEW OF THE PARADE. Now what am GOING TO TELL my...FAMILY...I WAS LIED TO. TODAY WHEN I SPOKE TO \"KIM\" SHE WAS HEARTLESS. I could see if I was just calling now, last minute, but I made these plans months ago.. What now??? I left my complaint, but I know that they are not going to do anything about it.



Sept 09, 2011. I stayed at the Marriott Resort in Mystic, Ct.


Darold Carlson (086 707 668)


Just wanted to compliment the Edmond,Ok Fairfield Ste & Inn location for a lovely experience. Everyone was very helpful, professional and truly a good representative of the Marriott hotel chain, as well as the rooms being so nice.
Thank you again!

Antal Family


There are two Marriotts at Niagara Falls, Canada.
One of them is on the waterfront, called Fallsview Marriott. The other is called Gateway Marriott.
Using to book-- they sent me to the Marriott web sites of Niagara Falls. I found the Gateway and it showed images of the falls being right outside the place (close to the falls window views)so I thought that was the one by the waterfront, and I booked it. It turns out that the photos are misleading. The Fallsview Hotel Marriott only has those waterfront views. Yet I had booked the Gateway, which is blocks away.
So now I have booked the Fallsview Marriott for that same night, but I cannot get out of the Gateway Marriott, due to some contractual obligations that both Priceline and Marriott say they are keeping, and won\'t give me a cancellation.

This kind of confusion and off-service is bad for your fine reputation. Can you resolve it?



My family and I were staying at the Marriott Lakeshore reserve. We were given the wrong room the first night, but after complaining the management team gave us another room for the next night. We started moving our stuff from one room to another. I left my camera in the first room to charge the battery. When my husband went to the first room to move the rest of our stuff, the camera was gone and housekeeping had already stripped our room. We hadn\'t even turned in our keys. Of course, housekeeping claims they never saw the camera. Marriott is not going to do anything about it. We have never been so disappointed with the customer service provided by Marriott! They didn\'t offer anything! We will never buy Marriott property again and will make sure we tell everyone we see that it is not worth owning Marriott property. Shame on you!! We are out a camera and I have lost a years worth of personal video! We weren\'t even able to video our trip! And not one thing they did about it!

P. Smith


wev were givin a wek stay at marriot ocean pointe, fl. upon our arrival we were lied to , to start our honeymoon gift. stuck in a tin can size of a romm with mold in the bathroom,also roaches. When we asked for things to be cleaned up,they never were. Not one time during our week stay did housekeeping so much as bother to come by. When we got home I e-mailed my complaints to Mariotand wouldn\'t you know they have the LIAR contact me to \"call\" and discuss the mater. Of course she never did. Way to go Marriot, with your values and intigrity standards,you really don\'t care about yuor guests or their comfortable stays.All you want is for people to hand over their money!

D. Parks


Reservation # 84060390
Arrival Date: 5/31/11
When someone books a reservation at a Marriott you expect the atmosphere and service to be of top quality. This time I paid for Marriott quality and got the service and quality of a low rated hotel. If anyone goes to Birmingham Alabama I would not recommend staying at the TownPlace Suites 500 wildwood circle.
I had reserved a 1 bedroom in advance and up to 4 hours from arrival I had been confirmed that there would be a 1 bedroom available upon arrival. When I arrived I was told there was no 1 bedroom available and the only thing available was a studio. When I questioned the attendant and stated just 4 hours prior I was assured of my reservation she said the person decided not to leave, and if I wanted to stay I would have to take a studio. This also mint that I would be losing Marriott Points.
The room is ok, except for the lack of maintenance. The floor molding in the bathroom is falling off the wall, the kitchen store cooking eyes have been replaced with the incorrect ones and are too large and the pots sit uneven. As for the kitchen, this room must have been the one they robbed from for other room. The light in the refrigerator is broken; there were no cooking utensils, and no toaster. I attempted for 2 weeks to get the kitchen restocked and they kept putting me off every call until I call the Elite members number.
There was only a sofa for sitting and it is so warn out that the computer chair was my final resort. After 2 weeks of calling the front desk and finally calling the elite members number they finally brought in a chair. The manager said this floor plan did not call for a chair. That is really strange because this same floor plan in Montgomery and Mobile Alabama did have a chair and the internet site also states that this room comes with a chair. I usually am not one to complain but in the last 11 years I have been loyal to Marriott Hotels when I was in a location they were at.
I guess the last issue I have is the lack of room service. I understand that there is one day for refresh and one day of full service. My thought on full service is where they clean your room completely including cleaning the kitchen, dusting, cleaning the bathroom, moping the floors and vacuum the carpet. If that is correct they I have been short changed every week. They have never restocked the kitchen supplies; my floor went for 2 week and only was partly vacuum after I complained to the front desk night manager. Jeff is the clerk that worked at nights and he was the only one who appeared to care about the people staying here. I finally gave up on complaining about room service and went a purchased my own supplies. I have addressed my issues and to date have not heard or talked to the manager or anyone from the hotel.
7/17/11 7:00 am. Came in from grocery shopping and again found that the hotel staff, this time the from desk clerk had parked in the handicap parking space in the front of the building, preventing anyone with a handicap need to use that space. I went to the front desk are reminder he that she forgot to put out her handicap card and she stated she did not have one and when a space cane available she would move. I reminder here there was a fine for parting their without a handicap card and she just smiled, a ½ hour later her car was still parked there. This is the attitude that the majority of the staff here appears to have. I am very disappointed in the atmosphere here.
The staff here parks their vehicles in the main parking area of the hotel which makes the guest have to park in the back or out away from the hotel and walk father than they should. There appears to be no consideration for the guest that pays to keep this hotel in operations.
As a Platinum Member I call their customer service on 7/17/2011 and asked for the phone number or email of the person over the General Manager of this site and the operator refused to give that information to me I was requesting and put me on hold and never came back. How RUDE……….
To sum this up I will not recommend or stay at this Townplace suites again. I feel that I was put in a spot to either take a smaller room or leave, the hotel did not care. I do think I should be given the same amount of points that I would have gotten for the 1 bedroom, for the mere fact of the inconvenience they put on me. I will be leaving next week and going to the Hilton Hotels.

Lyle McDonald


Marriott has the worst customers service I have experienced in a long time. The call center is a disgrace. I spoke to a Ray Johansen that claimed to be a guest supervisor. He was unprofessional and irritating. He refused to listen to my complaint, put me on hold for 10 minutes. When he returned to the phone I asked to speak to supervisor, he stated that there was not any supervisor there or available. I asked him \"how could it be possible that a international company on a Friday does not have any management available to help with customer service issues. He then hung up on me!!!! Im a PLATINUM MEMBER and I will NEVER stay a Marriott-again!!!!!!!



We just spend 5 nights at Marriotts Springhill Suites in Houston Texas. This was the nicest, cleanest and best managed hotel. The complete front office staff especially the Asst. Manager Brian Cooper should be commended for a job well done. They knew the area, short cuts and could answer every question. Best of all they always remembered our names and greeted us going in and out of the hotel..5 stars from Us.

Judy Blomquist


On June 11th, I visited your property, The Marriott Ocean Pointe on Palm Beach Shores after looking online. I asked if I could see a \"villa\". I was handed a floor plan. I then asked if I could see the pool area and was told \"no\" as this is a private property. I had been planning a vacation to stay at this property for a break from the daily routine. I had recently seen the Marriott CEO on television who encouraged Americans to start traveling and to stay at Marriotts. He pointed out that the hotels are known for their friendliness. I found this to be NOT TRUE. I was quite rudely and coldly treated and will consider another hotel for my vacation. We are local Florida residents who would like to stay at the ocean from time to time and be able to recommend a hotel to friends.

I sending this comment to you for your information.
As my work involves customer relations and being hospitable to clients, I felt you should know about this matter, particularly in this economic climate.

E. Fatseas

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