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Netflix is the online dvd rental site. Netflix also streams movies over the internet using Xbox, Wii, and PS3.

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Not only have you increased your fees, you have increased your problems. On three recent occasions, it was impossible to access your services thereby making it impossible to stream. This was not a momentary blip but a rather lengthy occurrence. As a long standing customer, I am very disappointed. I am hoping that another company competes with your services forcing Netflix to be more consumer oriented. This evening when I attempted calling customer service after again experiencing access problems, I received a recorded message telling me that Netflix was experiencing higher than usual caller volume and I should call back. Then I was disconnected. Does that sound like good business???



Thank you for the recent 60% increase in your rates. You have motivated me from my inertia to cancel your service and become reacquainted with my public library and something called Redbox. Not only do I get new releases sooner, I have lowered my overall monthly movie entertainment costs even after factoring in gas to obtain the DVD’s.
I was able to further increase my family’s income by selling your stock when you announced the 60% increase and shorted it when Mr. Reed issued his recent E-mail. Please encourage Mr. Reed to continue to express his thoughts in writing to your remaining customers. That note reminded me to cancel your service before the increase was applied to my account for my September renewal.

A former 6 year customer,



I am aware of your plan change and want to express my disappointment at the signficant price adjustment which now has me considering terminating all together. I feel like you are taking advantage of customer loyalty and quite frankly I am no longer a happy customer that feels like I am getting good value. I really liked my current plan before you significantly almost doubled the cost.
I hope you reflect on this business decision and make changes to win back your customers.



FYI.... you made the mistake... But interesting way you turned it around.... Thought others might like to see this.



After dropping the unlimited dvd/stream level due to outrageous price increase, my WD TV Plus can no longer find netflix, and when it does my instant queque is empty according to them.

Really nosedived. Will probably dump them altogether. Cant even email a complaint to them. They are probably scared



Been a LOYAL user of Netflix for years and also own the stock. Have 2 Roku boxes that I love. I had heard Reed Hastings say that he ultimately wants to stop mailing dvds. If his new plan is his way of doing it, it truly is outrageous and upsetting...and exorbitant. I don\'t know what I want to do but I am seriously, after years, thinking of terminating my Netflix.

judith lessinger


I don\'t want to be negative but netflix is good. sometimes it make me upset because when i am watching a movie stoped by itself even when the internet is fine.

Lucio Vasquez


i was so upset. i ordered true grit..the envelope said true grit..the movie inside was gnomeo & juilet. and netflix going up on the price. i was so disappointed. that movie was not even in my que

sarah williams


Dear Sir:

I purchased 2 Ruku boxes with the full expectation that I would be able to watch fairly recent movies, videos, and certainly most if not all classics. Also, my expectation was that all of the movies etc that were currently on dvd\'s would within a short time be available to view through Roku.

I have now tried to view \"Chinatown, Viva Zapata and several others that are not available at all, or only available on dvd.

I have always been happy with Netflix and have been a customer for years, but am seriously thinking about changing and not using your services because I feel that I\'ve been duped. To be clear, it\'s not the extra money for the dvd\'s, I just simply don\'t want to be bothered with dvd\'s and feel that this change is duplicitous on the company\'s part.

Will be awaiting your reply,

sandra a.


$16/month is too much. I\'ll be looking elsewhere. The streaming service is way too limited anyway.

Joe G


Other readers...excuse my typos in the original posting. I really can spell!!! Ha! Keep a sense of humor through all of this and don\'t be bashful about cancelling the services of Netflix. Someone will replace them.



I am appalled by the 60% increase of which I was notified today. It is ludicrous how a company will insult it\'s existing customers after they have supported them in their infancy and helped them prosper. What a marketing blunder this is! Families that looked to your company as an affordable means of providing the movie experience to their families are the once suffering from this change. I am sure the cancellations will be un real or plan changes that will fail to meet the total needs of the customer. Poor, Poor, Poor Management Decision!!!!!


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