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Ok Cupid USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address (Humor Rainbow, Inc.)
589 8th Avenue 11th Floor
New York, New York 10018
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Fax Number: 1-646-365-3070
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Ive been on OKC for sometime now. PAst few months I have been having hacker problems. They got into all my personal emails and have been making calls from my cell phone#. I have reported this to TMobile and I have tried updating all my passwords to all my online accts social and business.

Now I try to login to OKC from mobile phone and it keeps coming up with another login name Prowler15. I accidently hit sign in as I was expecting my login to appear. Now OKC kicks me off my mobile phone use and I have msg\'d them many times to fix the problem and they have not. I cannot log on to OKC from phone. I enjoy this site very much but may have to go back to POD of one of the other free sites. I refuse to pay match.com as their results were nothing and I feel I do better on my own. Outside of this problem.



My user name was brutus68, and I have been using this site for several yrs, and had a lot of fun on it...I met a user named Susan Paige (page/ or Janett)..user name Coalxo....She threatened my family....as well as me...and I have the police reports to prove it, or just call the Verona NJ police dept. and ask about the threats and her history. I did say some very inappropriate things, but she made threats, and I have a father with Parkinsons....she wrote things like I love u, but I just can\'t meet u, bnlah, blah...and I have saved everything. Even after I was kicked off your site..she still kept calling, calling me moron boy, laughing about how she got me kicked off the site, and how u guys bought fake messages she had someone send her, signing my name to them...and u don\'t ask for my side of things....this is a woman I spoke t for several months...who lies about her last name (because she has about 4, but was only married once), lies about her age, which is 54, not 51.....and has a hiustory of mental illness...do a background check...because if you\'re a responsible company, then you\'ll c that I used your site for what it\'s intended for...and she just plays games... And when she started threatening me, telling me her family was in organized crime..threatening my life, my father/mothers life..I called her town police...who were\'nt surprised at all.
I think u should give me a fair shake (I am a disabled individual), plus she was told by the police to stop, and didn\'t.....she had my phone shut off, and canceled one of my credit cards...and I just reacted...angerilly....blocked her..which she never did, and still tries to get on my Fbook page....So, how do we proceed.....r u going to keep ignoring me....because then her public info will come out...because this will go to the authorities. A lawyer has told me to do exactly what I\'m doing now....and how and to what number can I send her messages, as well as her emails.
J ross


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