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AT&T's U-Verse provides Wireless, DSL, Internet, Digital TV and Phone in one package.

ATT UVERSE USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address:
208 S. Akard St.
Dallas, TX 75202
Corporate Phone Number: 1-210-821-4105

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I wish I had saw this before I switch to ATT Uverse because i am having the same problems. I know I will be putting a sign in my front yard. As soon as I get this situation resolve I am out of here. I will be going back to comcast. I will tell you any one that ask me about Uverse I will make sure I tell them do not waste their time nor money because it is trash...and you will be trowing your money away..

Linda McConico


I received this email via iPhone. I do not have working internet service that I am paying for.

I have to switch my iPhone to 3G in my home because I cannot access wi-fi. And my iPhone doesn\'t work very well in my house on 3G. 

Every inside tech person says it has been and still is an outside line issue since last summer.

Instead of a profile of 32 meg in which I can record 4HD shows at once I have been lowered to 19 meg and I can only record 2HD plus 2 regular shows at one time.  I should not have to pay full price since I can\'t get full HD service.

I drop phone calls, I cannot access the internet or watch TV. This has been chronic since the very beginning - June 22, 2010.

Here\'s a copy of an email I sent my son who works for the government in Alexandria, VA.

You want to help me take on ATT Uverse? 

Google dispute letters for ATT Uverse and forward one to me that I can use. 

I want to state that they either fix the chronic problems and reimburse me at least 50% of what I have paid these past 13  months for inferior service, being a guinea pig, and a good sport about it AND give me a lower monthly price   OR   they ADMIT they CANNOT fix the problems (maybe some time in the further), reimburse me 100% of my money, hook me back up to the ATT landline for $25 per month that I gave up when ATT suggested that I switch to ATT Uverse  telling me if I wasn\'t  happy I could get my  $25 landline service back, and they said  it would save me money, Ha, and I\'ll get my Internet and TV with someone else.

I\'m ready to put a sign in my front yard saying  \"I have been an ATT Uverse customer since June 22, 2010 and have had nothing but  chronic problems, poor, inferior service.  Do Not go with ATT Uverse. You will be wasting your money.\"

I\'m tired of getting the run around. I\'m tired of calling, of being inconvenienced, waiting for technicians, getting up early, canceling my plans to wait for a technician, not being able to use my landline phone, the internet, or watch TV when I WANT to or NEED to.

I have a home based business, too. I need to count on being able to use my landline phone and Internet 24/7.

By the way I am unable to use the fax on my new wireless HP printer. HP says I need an analog phone in order to send and receive faxes.

It has been suggested that I make a report to Better Business Bureau. 

An extremely dissatisfied ATT Uverse customer 

Deborah S Prather

Sent from my iPhone

Deborah Prather, Louisville, Kentucky

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