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This is regards to Incident 12075-000165. Yes I want a refund of 44.95 on my Visa account. We can no longer afford to subscribe. Thank you for your assistance.

Barbara White

Barbara White


i signed up for one yr to watch daily 2 hr show got it for two nights and tonight my account says i dont have the right service so i cant watch the show now.

carol thurber


GBTV website says \" Watch from anywhere GBTV will be available on your computer, your mobile phone, your television (via Roku) even your I Pod! Starts September 12th\" I paid $49.95 and cant view anything other than text, videos will not stream, its useless and I want a refund, customer service is also useless



I inadvertently ordered GBTV. I thought it was a program on television taking place of your show on FOX. My mother loves Glenn Beck, but does not have a computer; therefore, I ordered it...did not hit confirm because I then realized this was for computer access, but it went through anyway. I don\'t want GBTV. I have been trying to cancel, get in touch with someone, and even called my bank since July 4.

What is the problem? I want order number 5878277 cancelled. I want my 49.95 refunded.

This is the worst experience I have ever had in trying to cancel something. Your site does not work, I get idiotic responses telling me how to cancel even though I have told them 50 times the cancellation process DOES NOT WORK. No one answers phone calls or a message can\'t be left because mailboxes are full.

What kind of gimmick is this? I would say it definitely is falling into the category of the American way of screwing people...

PLEASE CANCEL ORDER 5878277 for GBTV and refund my 49.95.

Connie Rupp


I have been unable to get any service,support, and no one answers the phone (1-888-727-2325 I want to cancel my gbtv.

Roger MarchandI


All attempts to get signed up for GB TV failed.

Left messages for help.

Telephone number 425-271-3740\'


Robert Krueger

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