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Dear Madam, dear Sir,

I contact you again on behanf of Zhou Bo, an artisan living in Yi Xing, China, whose telephone number and email has appeared in About.com in one article written by Kathryn Pauli.

The article is called Two Days in Yixing

On the first page you will find information about a \"guide\" called Bo Zhou, with his telephone number and email address. I have come to meet him personally in Yi Xing yesterday, and he asked me to do whatever I can to help him out deleting this contact information from this article.

The thing is, he is not a guide, but an artist, working for a factory in Ding Shan. He has been asked several times to pick people up at the station and bring them for a tour. They all come from this article, and this is very embarrassing to him. From his Chinese tradition perspective (that I know very well by now) he feels forced to accept and leave his working day to help these people visit Yi Xing. His English is poor and he\'s not able to write this request by himself, but you can call him right now and verify that this request is really coming from him. You can find his telephone number on the Web page! +86 13961595995 He will understand because he told me that he knows his number is in About.com

By the way, as you may know, we can\'t call a Chinese by his first name unless you are an intimate friend. We use the family name instead. But the way his name appears in Kathryn Pauli\'s article doesn\'t follow this tradition and people call him Bozhou or just Bo, which is more than uncomfortable for him.

Under Zhou\'s request, please erase his name, telephone number and email address from this article, (which is by itself very beautifully done).

Regarding this situation you can contact me as well. He expects this issue to be solved as quick as possible. He has been confronted to this problem four times this year only.

Thank you for your time and care on the matter.

Kind regards,
Ariel Guerra


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