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Senator Elect Roy Blunt from Missouri was elected on November 2, 2010. Senator Blunt has been endorsed by the Missouri Farm Bureau, National Right to Life, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Independent Business.

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My family firmly supports increasing revenue by reverting to pre-Bush tax-cut rates. This is not a \"tax increase.\" It is a return to a time when our economy was robust and healthy.
It seems that Republicans have one solution to every problem: cut taxes. Increasingly, America becomes weaker--starved of the resources it needs to thrive. The resources are there, if true \"patriots\" are asked to do their share.

Barbara L. Loehrer


I am thoroughly disgusted with the politicians in DC. I keep reminding myself, these elected people are not Leaders; they are only Politicians! I also support the plan to raise the debt ceiling; however, this country needs some serious reduction in spending. There is so much waste in government and fraud. Please do what\'s right for this country; come together NOW and make the American people feel like it\'s worth getting up everything morning and going to work! When are we EVER going to have elected officials work together for the citizens of this country. Please do the right thing for the working people of this country, and forget what\'s right for your party!

Gail Kimble


Please support House Speaker Boehner\'s plan to address the Debt Limit Situation. I own a business in Liberty, Missouri and I believe the future of our business hinges on decisions such as this one. For that reason, I support smaller gov\'t, controlled spending, no additional taxes, and realistic budgets going forward.

Michael J Castelluccio


This is an embarrassing and dangerous time for Americans. The debt crisis is affecting individuals accounts and our country\'s world image. All the people\'s representatives must work together, and soon, to resolve this issue. Missourians (and all Americans) are tired of this impasse. Surely there is a compromise that can be agreed upon.

Thena Chism


We live on a disabled veterians income. It is incredable how the republicans are disrespecting the veterans, they gave their all in for this country and now you want to cut their benefits. Why not cut some of your benefits and wages. We have gone through years of no cost of living raises.

Deidra Fields


Please support the plan to extend the debt limit ceiling through serious reduction of spending and reform of entitlement programs.

I am not in favor of the \"balanced\" approach that increases tax rates, as I believe that an increase in tax rates will reduce tax receipts and exacerbate the deficit problem. The only reasonable solution to the deficit is to slow spending.

Thank you

David Hosler


Senator Blunt,
It\'s time to show some maturity here and put Americans at large ahead of corporate sponsors and oil companies.
Thanks for supporting the plan the President has put forward.

J. P.


Senator Blunt,

I am one of your constituents and I strongly urge you to support a balanced approach to managing the deficit-- a plan that wil increase revenues by asking the wealthiest 2% of Americans to pay their fair share and cut wasteful spending without sacrificing those programs that our country needs during this time of ecomonic challenges. It would be un-American to make those who are most vulnerable carry the weight of this deficit on their backs with vicious cuts to federal programs that they desparately need. Do the right thing and support a fair and balanced approach to thi problem.

Linnea Williams


I am contacting you as one of your constituents in the state of Missouri and I am imploring you to vote against Boehner’s plan and to instead, pass President Obama’s proposed plan. I am infuriated by Boehner’s speech tonight. It is ridiculous to vote for a plan that would require another raise in the debt ceiling in 6 months and that risks lowering our credit rating. I am a lower middle class worker but I would rather have tax increases put upon me directly than risk a lowering of our national credit rating, or a plan that would only include cuts in spending so severe that it would affect programs and services that sets our government apart in the world as one of the most wonderful and progressive places to live! Please, do what you know to be reasonable for the rest of us who are watching powerless on pins and needles as you plan the future of our children’s education, our mother’s and father’s social security, our mortgages, and our current economic growth. Vote for compromise!

Dina Bautista


Dear Senator Blunt: Please let your voice be heard to resolve the American budget situation. Support the plan that cuts some programs and raises taxes for the wealthiest Americans.
It is the job of our Congress and the Senate to resolve this immediately.
The Republicans, are letting our economy and country fail. How can they be any better than the terrorists who demand and have one single belief, their own.
Compromise is necessary for our country to continue as a strong nation.

Thank you

Mary Smith

Mary Smith


The Republican standoff is a disgrace to American diplomacy. The issue here is President Obama, not partisonship. I am ashamed of the behavior and message that the Speaker and other top Republicans have sent to the backbone of America. If the wealthy Americans were the ones sitting in the streets without healthcare or a home, I bet they would approve raising the debt ceiling. They are not concerned because they have all that they need, it is merely \"symbolic\" the position that they take. For once in your life, be bi-partisan and stand up for Missourians.

Cheri Wilkerson


Hello - tried to call you. Senator Blunt you represent me, too not just those who voted for you. You are my Senator. Please get to work and respect and work with our President. He is so being disrepected by our elected officials.

Marva Lloyd Redd 314-993-2234

Marva Lloyd Redd





Senator Blunt,
Please remember that seniors are on a limited
income and depend on their Medicare and Social
Security checks. Almost all of us have no
opportunity to increase on income.Please do not
cut our earned rights. Thanks

Norma Clinton

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