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Republican Mark Kirk was elected the Junior Senator from Illinois on November 2, 2010. The election was a major defeat for President Obama, since it was his former Senate Seat.

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As a Republican, I too am not happy with the Republican Party. However, I am far less satisfied with the Democrats. Consider the new health program that apparently is responsible for the removal of 500 billion from the Medicare account and transfer of same to the new health care fund; GM which paid back its debt to us with our money; Cash for Clunkers (very costly); the wasted Stimulus $ (they put up expensive signs saying \"This \'whatever\' was paid for by the Stimulus\", money well spent, right?; minor, of course, but most of the stimulus was poorly allocated); flights to New York for dinner and Europe to try to have the Olympics in Chicago; and on and on. Why didn\'t they build a new power plant somewhere to help our neglected infrastructure? That\'s what they did during the Great Depression....why not now?

Joe Conroy


To save $, please stop subsidizing the production of Ethanol and start the flow of additional oil from Alaska. Also increase the use of natural gas, of which we have an abundant supply, to fuel our vehicles. Anything else is just not logical, but few ever accuse Washington DC of using logic.

Barbara Conroy


It\'s time to make a compromise and stop playing politics and posturing keeping the American people on a string. This is not a game. Do the job you were elected to do. Raise the debt ceiling and cut the tax breaks to the richest americans. Do the right it now.

lexis blitstein


1. Increase the debit ceiling limit by enough to cover USA\'s obligations until 2013 without ANY conditions.

2. To cut deficits, do NOT make harmful cuts to Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security. I agree that SOME cuts will have to be made.

3. Any budget cuts must be balanced by increased tax revenues, mainly from the wealthy and by elimination of corporate tax loopholes.

HOW to cut our deficits can be argued about up to and through our 2012 elections if necessary. However, we must agree to pay for what we have already spent (debit), avoid default, and do so IMMEDIATELY!

Continued lack of cooperation between Republicans and Democrats is destroying my faith in our government.

Roy Leventhal


I have been following the recent quagmire over raising the debt ceiling. I favor rasing the debt ceiling immediately for the long term. After that has been accomplished, plan and implement long term solutions to our debt problems by cutting spending and slowly raising most taxes to the pre George Bush level. Instead of trying to defund the National Affordable Health Care legislation, Medicare, and Social Security, make our Congressmen vote on their pay raises every year instead of making them automatic, then look at personal, corporate and special interst loop holes,next simplify the tax code so all pay their fair share.

judy shankland Illinois voter


Please do your job and represent the people in your state. Please support or President, regardless of party politics. I believe we we should stop \"business as usual\" also, but that will not be accomplished by a 6 mos plan. Republicans need to raise taxes on the wealthy and eliminate corporate loopholes, and the Democrats need to reduce spending and create jobs. Quit playing politics. The middle class is dying out here. What about Congress slashing their salary and benefits for a few years? Everyone in the private sector has had to do this.....



Senator Kirk,

It is imperative that you pass Pres. O\'bama\'s debt plan. Thank you!

Marsha Schloemer


Democracy by it\'s nature can only be successful with compromise. Without it, you get what we are seeing today in Washington. If you are unwilling to work towards a bipartisan compromise, you should not be in office-especially representing Illinois! Does minority now rule? Average people want both spending cuts and some tax revenues to deal with the deficit. GET TO WORK!

Michelle Hughes


Please take part in a bi-partisan agreement to immediately (NOW!) raise the debt ceiling for the long term . I am not in favor of a 6 month stop gap measure. I want all memebers of congress to work together and am sick of the stalemate. Republicans need to give some (eliminate loopholes and raise taxes on wealthy and big companies) while Democrats reduce spending. It cannot be all one sided and I am distressed because I do not feel that Republicans are working with Democrats to come to an agreement. PUT ASIDE YOUR OWN SELF INTERESTS FOR THE GOOD OF THE COUNTRY!!!!!

Deborah Gryczan


Please try to settle your dispute on the national debt without cutting social security and medicare. these are not entitlement programs because we paid for them when we were employed. An entitlement program is something you get that you never contributed to. Maybe like your pensions. If you live in america you should be willing to pay your fair share of taxes on the monies you earned. After all you made the money in the good old USA. Paying taxes is one of our rules, not how to get out of paying taxes. I think If you make 100 dollars you should be willing to pay 10 dollars in taxes. If you make a million you should be willing and able to pay 100 thousand dollars. Ten per cent of what you earn is not a lot to pay to keep America free.

delores pichen


As a registered Republican, I am disgusted with the posturing of the Republican party. Put aside your own self-interests and vote to reduce spending, increase taxes and increase the debt ceiling. It appears that the Republican party is not looking out for the good of the nation; you are all simply playing politics to save your jobs. It will be a long time before I consider voting Republican again.

Judy Sachs

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