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This morning, at your Narberth store, when I went to buy some Smithfield
Bacon on sale for $4.49, the case was empty. I asked one of your clerks to
see if there were any more in the back. There were none. I said, \"Will you
substitute the Lancaster Brand Bacon at the same price?\" He said, \"You can
get a raincheck up at the cashier\'s.\" I said, \"Normally I WOULD get a raincheck but I need the bacon today.\" He then said, \"No problem,\" and was kind enough to give me the Lancaster Brand at the same price. Now THAT\'S
customer service and THAT\'S why I continue to go to Acme and HAVE been for the last 25 years! Thank you to your wonderful employees for working with their customers.

Vicky Benedict Farber

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